Sunday, October 26, 2008

Financial Matters

Considering the current state of the world economy, I thought it might be appropriate to dedicate this week’s blog entry to financial matters, particularly an examination of our monthly outlays. Following is a list of our expenses:

Rent $ 150 (Yes, we know we’re pretty lucky in this regard)
Electricity $ 32
Telephone $ 73
Internet $ 42
Satellite TV $ 24
Water $ 10
Gasoline $ 450 (at about $5.20 per gallon!)
Groceries $ 400

Because we live in the tropics, we don’t pay anything to heat our house, and the gas we use for our stove is a minimal expense. We don’t currently have any insurance costs, mostly because we haven’t figured out yet how exactly we should handle this. For now, we have a private doctor who charges $40.00 per visit, but emergency medical insurance will probably need to be factored in eventually. We don’t have Lucas in daycare anymore (a $2,000 a month savings!), but when we do have a babysitter, it costs about $2.00 per hour.

So, overall, our expenditures here are considerably less than they were in the U.S. (with the exception of gasoline). This is a good thing, especially considering we’re currently UNEMPLOYED. Having been in the travel and restaurant industries in the States (can you say non~recession proof industries?), we’re pretty sure we would have eventually been UNEMPLOYED there, too. This makes spending down our savings a bit more palatable. At least we’re spending it slower here than we would be there. Wait, we didn’t have any savings there…


Jeanette Irwin said...

Hey Kate! Your posts are great - I've been having a lot of fun reading them. Wish you'd left out the part about the spiders a few posts ago, though. *Shiver*.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. It is very well written and entertaining!I am in your mother's Spanish class and she too has a quick intelligence.
We will be spending the month of February in San Jose visting family, with the hope that the will have ended!