Thursday, May 15, 2008

Departure Date Approaches

We've got our tickets in hand, and our time left in Washington is quickly ticking down. We have 13 days left before the shippers arrive, and we still can't quite figure out what's going in the boxes. As of now, it seems that our 500 pound shipment will consist mostly of books -- on hotel design, teaching English as a second language, and cooking, as well as Luc's Dr. Seuss collection. We've also got a huge steamer trunk filled with power tools. Patrick is convinced that he'll need them, but considering he can barely wield a hammer, I'm sure having the tools around is a recipe for disaster...

In the next two weeks, we also have to wrap up our jobs, sell our car, collect paperwork for our Costa Rican residency application, figure out what to do about health insurance, and most important, say good-bye to all our friends . We hope this blog will help us keep in touch with them and keep them posted on when they should start making plans to come visit us in our little jungle lodge :)

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Jeanette Irwin said...

I'm so impressed, Kate! What a great start to your blog. I can't wait to follow along as you and your family adjust to life in a Costa Rican jungle. Loved seeing the pictures and plans last night, too! I can really visualize where you're headed now.